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"Blue Roof" Plan
In order to react the national Precision against poverty and beautiful village policy, Juli New Energy make the Blue roof plan in 2016. This Blue Roof plan can help the customer to make extra income without any work.Juli New Energy is looking for Blue Roof agent in the whole country.

Government subsidy

Full production sale on-grid subsidy: I class, 0.8 RMB/KWh, II class, 0.88 RMB/KWh, III Class, 0.98 Rmb/KWh, Subsidies for 20 years。

“Self consume, balance sale on-grid”, not only save the electricity fee, but also has income of 0.42KWh/KWh for 20 years, the balance electricity will be purchased by Power Authority.

Every province has related extra subsidy of 0.2~0.3RMB/KWH for 3~5 years.